Sites to Find Pics of Hot Models

An obvious place to start looking? Instagram. There’s an entire category called ‘Models of Instagram’, something of a competition launched by one Emily Ratjakowski (@emrata with around 20 million followers on Instagram). But she’s far from the only one now – maybe the first, but not the only. Instagram is a good place to start if you’re looking for pics of hot models. The race is on. A lot of models got famous through Instagram. Nobody had even heard of them before they posted bikini-clad photos there.

The Chive

At, category “bikinis – girls”, there are plenty of photos to find. Some of the most beautiful models in the world are featured here. Chive claims they pick the hottest bikini pics and the most gorgeous girls.

Getty Images

On the more cultured side, we have Getty with their 100% licensed – and real – photos. That’s right – Getty is a pioneer in the anti-Photoshop movement. We’ve been praying to “make Photoshop stop” because of the unrealistic beauty standards it’s setting, but Getty’s actually doing something about it. Whether we’re on social media, watching TV, reading articles, or just looking at the billboard that jumped out in front of us around the corner, we’re constantly exposed to these standards.

Getty banned photo-shopped images in an attempt to help change female representation in the media. More specifically, they banned the altering of body shapes to make models look thinner. Now, there are great – and realistic – images to see there.

Vegas Insider

On Vegas Insider, there is a collection of hot model pics along with short profiles. All pictures are of models in located near Las Vegas. The site is not specifically dedicated to hot pics, it’s mostly about sports, actually. So what’s the connection? We’re not sure. The profiles contain a Personal Notes section, which talks about where the girls grew up, their education (degree and university), hobbies, and long-term goals. You can select models by name from a drop-down menu.


Finally, there’s the glorious collection of free hot model images on Pixabay. There is a “safe search” option on here, which removes racier photos, covering them with the words “safe search” or “adult”. It’s pretty easy to get around though. You can click on an image and a prompt along the lines of “enable view” emerges and then you get to see the image.