Places to Find Hot Celebrity Pics

Selfies were invented as a way to show off. Whether celebrities invented this trend or not, we don’t remember, but they’re the ones who can benefit the most from “exposing” their personal assets. Or so we think.

On Instagram, hot selfies are a way to reward loyal followers. Many of these pics are much too hot for TV, which is good news for all those who are on Instagram. If you’re not, but you have these apps on your smartphone, there’s no better way to see a hot pic of Sofia Vergara or Kate Upton. Some of the hottest ladies of all time are on these apps and on Instagram.

These collections include the best of the likes of Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, and more. Some of these pics are as good as it can possibly get. Sometimes, there are strange things to see (Jessica Simpson when pregnant), but what the heck. You can also vote for whichever photo you think is the hottest. There are many fantastic options to choose from.

Another place you can look is Dareandconquer. There are no random pics of celebrities here according to the people running the site – they’ve been compiled after long and hard research. What an envious task to have.

What was the purpose of their effort? To help men better themselves! Again, according to the people running the site. Admittedly, there’s no direct connection between these pics and self-improvement, but there is an indirect one – a man needs to get better if he wants to have a woman like one of those on there. And even then, how would it be possible, you ask? The celebrities on the site are extremely gorgeous and have fabulous bods. If a guy wants to get a girl who looks like that, he needs to improve on all levels: mental, physical, emotional, and especially financial.

The collection on Dare and Conquer should serve as motivation for a man to start improving himself and become more successful with hotter women. It’s possible to achieve this and then, these guys can get women who will have sexy, beautiful bodies like the celebs on the site.

As the impact of social media grows, men aren’t the only ones who enjoy hot celeb pics. They are interesting even for women who aren’t gay – they’re just fun to look at. And they can be more fun than looking at your friends’ cat photos for sure.